Next Job in Bangor, Maine

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 by Keith Trembley

Our next Dr. Energy Saver scheduled job is this home in Bangor, ME.  The homeowners complained of the den being very cold, and they spend a lot of time there.  Well, you can see the bay window; these are usually installed with just 1.5" of foam under them and no insulation in the roof of the window, that’s a lot of cold air coming in!

Also, you can see they have a cathedral ceiling, always a problem, and with can lights.  We are going to apply foam to the window, blow cellulose into the roof of the window, and dense pack the cathedral ceiling and walls.  Also, we are insulating the garage wall with SilverGlo foam board.  We actually saw huge un-insulated spots in the wall using the infrared camera.  All of this should take only about 2 days.

Stay tuned to see how we fix this home!

Next Job in Bangor Maine - Image 1   Next Job in Bangor Maine - Image 2      Next Job in Bangor Maine - Image 3

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