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Augusta, Maine Insulation Job

Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley Home Solutions started work today on insulating this newly remodeled home in Augusta, Maine.  The home was beautifully done, but no one had given the attic any consideration.  It was unbelievable how under-insulated this home was, but it may be typical for a 1970's built home.

The insulation was 3" batts, with a lot of gaps and missing bays, and the electrician moved a lot of insulation to install can lights and never put it back.  Keith would guess the effective R value here is no more than a 4 or 5 at best.

Also, you can see that all the soffits were stuffed with batts essentially shutting off any ventilation, and you could see what the excess moisture has done to the roof sheathing as some of it was pretty rotten.

Around the chimney was a 2 foot hole. No fire stop or insulation, just letting all that heat and cash pour up that hole.

This subdivision is full of homes that same age and I bet a lot of them are insulated the same way.  Imagine all the balloons of money escaping through these roofs and rising up in the sky over this neighborhood.

Well, Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley has saved this couple thousands of dollars over the next few years by bringing this attic up to the federal recommendations of R 60.  What a change in one day, from a R 4 to an R 60!

We installed soffit vents, can light covers, fire stops, air sealing, and cellulose insulation.  And I was able to show the homeowners the before and after photos.  They were very pleased.

Waterville, ME - Added Efficiency and Kept Storage Space in the Attic

This attic job was done by our Dr. Energy Saver team in Waterville. The crew completely re-did the insulation and heat retention strategy of the attic, making the home much more efficient and cheaper to run. In addition to all this the crew put in a platform in order to retain the attic as useable storage space. The team did a great job, and the customer was happy.

SilverGlo Installed to Improve Comfort in Orono, ME Commercial Building

Attendees for the American Legion events held in this room were always complaining that they were too hot or too cold so they called Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley Home Solutions for help. The solution to their problem was to install better insulation between the rafters and ceiling tiles. SilverGlo insulation was used. They are already experiencing more comfortable temperatures!

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